Take your School's operations to the next level.

SchoolXtend is the perfect blend of School Administration, Students Performance Analysis, Messaging, Examination, Records & Fees management (with easy integration into MS Excel), Bills Management, Detailed Academic Reporting and a whole lot more at a single click.
   With SchoolXtend, you have unlimited storage spacethere is effective communication between the parents and the school, report sheets are sent on time, all information becomes view-able online and updated as soon as the changes occur. Information can be accessed by parents, Teachers and School Owners from anywhere at anytime using a phone, tablet or computer.With SchoolXtend, you get the following:

  • Free Website for your school.
  • Free Mobile (Android, Blackberry) app.
  • Events Gallery with unlimited storage.
  • 24/7 all round customer support.
  • BULK SMS Messaging integration.
  • CBT examination integration.
  • Personalised email addresses.
  • Flexible Payment Options and lots more.
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SchoolXtend School Management Solution





Student Records

...comprehensive record of students attendance, fees, examination, event performances and more.

Teachers Records

...comprehensive record of all teachers and staff members with detailed information on classes and more.

Parent Access

...Easy access for parents to monitor the progress of their children and watch/share their social activities with just a click.


Our School attendance software program will assist you control course and class attendance fast and effectively.

Home Work

Easy to create and even simpler to manage assignments to support teachers, students and parents alike.

Lecture Notes

Teachers can easily share Lecture notes, grades and comments with students and parents via SchoolXtend.

Grade Report

SchoolXtend lets you easily compile grade reports and let teachers work from anywhere at anytime.

Performance Analysis

Use our smart artificial intelligence system to graphically monitor your child's / student's performance.

Online Library

Connect to thousands of academic resources via our Online Library for both Text, Audio and Video materials.


SchoolXtend's comes with a straight out of the box Transcript management system for accurate information management.

Real-Time Online Lectures

SchoolXtend comes with an active teacher/student interaction hence making holiday classes possible via SchoolXtend.

Events Gallery

Now parents can watch and relive their kids fun moment in school and share same on social media anywhere/anytime.

Social Networking

With SchoolXtend's unlimited cloud storage space, your school can share every moment straight to facebook, twitter, etc.


SchoolXtend comes with an inbuilt SMS system that enables you to schedule all text messages that get sent at a later time.

School Assets Tracking

With it's assets managemnt system, SchoolXtend gives you a comprehensive record and analysis of all your assests.

Fee Tracking

SchoolXtend comes with a comprehensive Fees tracking and reporting system with integrated communication tools.



Swag It Up

Personalized Domain Name

When you order an SchoolXtend account for your school, you get a free personalised domain name(eg, www.your-school-name.com).

Unlimited Storage Space

SchoolXtend comes with an unlimited storage space hence you dont have to worry about space, upload videos, books, etc.

Free Mobile App

When you order SchoolXtend and hit a record of 300 students, you'll get a customised Android, blackberry and Windows phone app.

Comprehensive Events Gallery

With Our unlimited storage cloud space, we can hold your uploads, events, academic works, etc for as long as you want.

24/7 Support

With our dedicated team of developers working on innovative products and services, you can always feel free to contact us at anytime.

Full Customization

Every setup of SchoolXtend comes with a free website and hosting, customised to your school's color, writeup and logo.

Multi Language Support

If your target market isn't English, dont worry; SchoolXtend has a multi language support for French, Spanish and Chinese.

Free Staff Training

Upon every SchoolXtend setup, Our SchoolXtend team will come to your school if need be to train your Teachers and Parents on the App.





Proudly Powered by Google.

SchoolXtend has partnered with the search giant and integrated most of it's services like Maps, Youtube, Drive, Search and Android to SchoolXtend to ensure a flawless user experiance. Also integrated to SchoolXtend is the most trusted SMS network to ensure super fast SMS delivery thereby ensuring all sent messages arrive to the receivers in good time.

Why Choose Us

Tracking Fees payment in my schools has always taken 30% of my School's workforce, but with SchoolXtend, all we do is schedule an interval reminder to the parents/guardian of owing student with one click.
Adorable College, Rivers State.
Running my school used to be tedious using other softwares but with SchoolXtend, I have the right information to plan ahead
Lilly Valley College, Enugu.
...being a teacher can be stressful, taking attendance, calling parents about their kids, scheduling special meetings, etc, but with SchoolXtend, I chat and connect with all parents with a click.
Von Schools, Abuja.
With SchoolXtend we now publish our events online for parents to watch their kids perform. it feels so good knowing you can access these things anywhere and at anytime with any device.
Games Master, Living Academy, Abia State.

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